The changes now require petitioners to answer six pages of detailed and lengthy questions in order to request a drivers license reinstatement Michigan hearing. This stands in contrast to the easy one-page Request for Hearing required in the past.

The impact of these changes for drivers license restoration Michigan will be twofold:

First, some petitioners representing themselves will make costly mistakes. The form is lengthy and detailed, and some of the questions build on each other. The new process is simply more complicated.  Many petitioners representing themselves often don’t understand how important it is to give accurate information and what the consequences can be if they give incorrect answers. For example, assume a petitioner has been sober for more than five years but incorrectly states a sobriety date by a few years. Obviously, this will be a big issue at the hearing. The hearing officer will no doubt question the credibility of the petitioner when the petitioner claims more than five years of sobriety, given the earlier written statement that he or she has been sober for a few years. Therefore, inadvertent mistakes will increase the likelihood of Michigan drivers license appeal denial.

The second impact of these changes will be an increased need for legal representation for driver license reinstatement Michigan. Petitioners who represent themselves and lose will need representation. Further, the increased paperwork the new Request For Hearing imposes will cause some petitioners to seek legal representation.  The previous Request for Hearing was one page and very easy to fill out.  Many would move forward without representation because filing was easy.  The increased complexity will drive some to get legal representation for their drivers license appeal Michigan case.