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Frequently Asked Questions About My Win Rate

Q: What is your win Rate?
A: 95%.

Q: Is this based on the first hearing?
A: Yes.

Q: Are there any situations that are not included in the win rate?
A: All cases are included except those cases where clients change their story after it is too late (e.g., at the hearing), cases where clients don’t follow my advice and cases involving significant interlock device (in-car alcohol detector) issues such as alcohol readings.

Q: Do these situations happen a lot?
A: Most of these situations don’t occur very often. However, interlock device (in-car alcohol detector) issues occur frequently.

Q: Why do interlock device (in-car alcohol detector) issues occur frequently?
A: Many find the devices complicated and difficult to use, which can cause violations.

Q: Can these situations be easily avoided?
A: Yes, clients can easily avoid these situations by being up front with me about their situation, following my advice and closely following the instructions for proper use of the interlock device.

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