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Frequently Asked Questions About the Guarantee

Q: What is your guarantee?
A: If your license is not restored, then I will handle one additional driver’s license hearing and not charge you an attorney fee.

Q: Can you guarantee a win?
A:  No – a hearing officer decides the outcome of your case based on all of the evidence presented.  However, I do provide a free redo.

Q: Will I be responsible for any costs on a redo?
A: My attorney fee is free.  However, you would have to pay any costs which usually are about $250 for the evaluation and drug screen.  You pay these costs directly to the evaluator and drug testing facility.

Q: Do you provide a free redo on all cases?
A: Yes, except for cases involving significant interlock (alcohol detector) issues.

Q: Do you tell prospective clients about the strengths and weaknesses of their cases so they can make intelligent decisions about whether to move forward on their license restoration case?
A: Yes.  I also make suggestions to prospective clients about how they can increase their odds of success.

Q: If I need to do a second case, am I likely to get my license back?
A: Yes, so long as you fix the weakness in your case.  The hearing officer will let you know why you have lost.  If you fix the issue, you will typically get it back on the second attempt.  For example, if the hearing officer believes you need to attend AA and you do this, then you will have a high likelihood of winning your case.

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