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Michigan Interlock Violation

Have you been accused of a Michigan interlock violation? Michigan interlock violations are serious matters because they usually result in the Secretary of State revoking your driver’s license. This can come as quite a shock, especially when you feel you did nothing wrong. As a result, you are put in a position of proving that the interlock violation is without merit. You should request a hearing immediately or you will lose your right to appeal. A Michigan interlock violation lawyer can be a big plus in reinstating your license.

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How I Can Help You With Your Michigan Interlock Violation Case

Two pieces of information are critical: what you were doing at the time of the violation and what the interlock records show. Some commonly used items that contain alcohol are mouthwash, acne cream and medications. For example, if you were using one of these items, then this might explain an alcohol reading. The interlock records may show alcohol dissipation consistent with the use of one of these products. Regardless of the issue, a Michigan interlock violation lawyer may be invaluable in helping you form a defense.

Case Summary Example

Read a case summary involving an interlock violation posted on my successes page. This case involves acne medication containing alcohol which triggered an alcohol reading on the interlock. To read the case summary click here: Case #8 Glenn.

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Common Michigan Interlock Violations

Examples of common interlock violations are rolling retest violations, startup test failure violations, and tampering or circumventing the interlock device. Regardless of the violation, it is a serious matter if an alcohol reading is detected. Why? The Secretary of State will think you have been consuming alcohol. If the Secretary of State is convinced you are consuming alcohol, you will be penalized with a revoked license. I would recommend consulting with a Michigan interlock violations lawyer for help.

Consequences of Michigan Interlock Violations

Michigan categorizes violations as either major or minor. Consequences differ depending upon whether it’s a major or minor violation. A major violation results in a revocation. A single minor violation results in an extension of 3 months before another hearing for a full license may be held. A minor violation also extends by three months the period of time that you must drive with the interlock device in your vehicle. However, three minor violations within a reporting period constitutes a major violation which will result in a revocation.

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