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Michigan OWI Defenses

Defenses may provide grounds for your Michigan OWI case being reduced, dismissed (thrown out) or an acquittal. Some examples of defenses include:

Improper Stop
The police must have a proper basis to stop your vehicle.

Improper Arrest
The police must have sufficient evidence to justify the arrest – they must have probable cause.

Chemical Test Deficiency
The police may, for example, fail to follow proper procedure in the administration of the test or fail to properly maintain or calibrate the machine.

Errors by the Police Officer
Errors in the police report can affect the officer’s credibility.

You Passed the Sobriety Tests
If you passed the sobriety tests (these are the physical tests like walk and turn), this is strong evidence in your favor.

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In addition to Michigan OWI/DUI cases, I handle driver’s license reinstatement and traffic ticket cases.

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