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Charged with MIP Minor in Possession in Michigan?

Minor in Possession also known as “MIP” is one of the most common criminal matters that minors face. For parents and minors alike, it is often a very difficult situation when you’re charged with MIP. If you’re not sure where to turn, what your options are, and what may happen, please feel free to contact me at 248-374-0722.

Penalties for Minor in Possession in Michigan

Possible penalties depending upon whether it is a first or subsequent conviction are:

  1. Jail for those convicted of more than one MIP and only upon a failure to successfully complete probation, treatment, counseling, screening, community service or to pay a fine.
  2. Community Service
  3. Alcohol Screening
  4. Alcohol treatment/rehabilitation

The Good News Regarding MIP in Livonia, Plymouth, Canton & Novi

Dismissal of a first offense is possible. Charges will be dismissed for first time offenders who plead guilty and successfully complete probation.

MIP Minor in Possession Defenses

Defenses may provide the basis for your case being reduced, dismissed or for an acquittal. Possible defenses include:

  • Chemical Test: The police can’t require you to submit to a chemical test unless a valid exception to the search warrant requirement exists.
  • Consuming Alcohol in a Place Where It’s Legal: If you are 19 or 20 years of age and you consumed the alcohol in Canada, this is a defense.
  • Job Requires You to Possess/Transport Alcohol: If your job requires you to possess or transport alcohol, this is a defense.
  • Education Requirement: If a class you are attending requires you to consume alcohol, this is a defense.
  • Religious Ceremony: If you consumed alcohol as part of a religious ceremony, this is a defense.

Michigan Locations Served

I handle minor in possession (MIP) cases in Livonia, Plymouth, Northville, Canton and Novi, Michigan. Call me at 248-374-0722 for a free phone consultation.

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