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Driving While License Suspended/Revoked (DWLS)

Charged with driving while your license was suspended or revoked?

Anyone who is charged with driving on a suspended/revoked license in Michigan knows all too well that driving is a privilege. To obtain more information, please call me for a free consultation at 248-374-0722.

Driving While License Suspended Penalties

If you’ve been driving on a revoked or suspended license in Livonia, Canton, Plymouth or Novi, Michigan, a first offense is punishable up to 93 days in jail and a fine. A second offense is punishable up to 1 year in jail and an increased fine. Also, your vehicle may be impounded and/or immobilized.

Furthermore, the Michigan Secretary of State may impose an additional period of suspension or revocation.

The Good News Regarding DWLS

While conviction is a real possibility, other, more favorable outcomes exist such as:

  • Not guilty: A judge or jury could find you not guilty after a trial.
  • Dismissal: Your case may be dismissed (thrown out of court) after a hearing based upon some deficiency in the prosecution’s case.
  • Plea: You may plea bargain for a reduced charge or lighter sentence.

DWLS Defenses

Defenses may provide grounds for your case being reduced, dismissed (thrown out of court) or an acquittal. Some examples of defenses:

Improper Stop
The police must have a proper basis to stop your vehicle.

Improper Arrest
The police must have sufficient evidence to justify the arrest – they must have probable cause.

Police Officer Errors
Errors in the police report can affect the officer’s credibility. This can greatly weaken the prosecution’s case.

Michigan Locations Served

I handle DWLS and DWLR cases in Livonia, Plymouth, Canton, Northville and Novi, Michigan. Call me at 248-374-0722 for a free phone consultation or email me.

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