Alcoholics Anonymous or “AA” is a structured support group. Basically it’s a group of people who support each other in their efforts to remain sober. The 12 steps of AA help individuals maintain their sobriety. If one is working the steps, usually it is done with a sponsor. A sponsor is usually somebody that has a lot of experience in AA.

Any experienced Michigan license lawyer will tell you that while AA attendance is not always necessary, AA attendance can increase your chances of regaining your license. Why? AA support means it’s less likely you will start drinking again. A Michigan license attorney will tell you this is the main concern hearing officers have. If the hearing officer is convinced that you will not start drinking again, you should win your case.

When considering Michigan driver license restoration attorneys, I would urge you to find one that has a significant amount of experience. Michigan drivers license restoration attorneys that have handled a variety of license cases are preferred. For appeals, Michigan drivers license appeal attorneys are preferred.


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