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Michigan Drivers License Appeal

Getting Your License Back is What Counts

Michigan Drivers License AppealA successful  appeal will get you back on the road. Take advantage of my 20 plus years of legal experience. The old adage “been there done that” means a lot when it comes to Michigan drivers license appeals.

Feel free to contact me to review your case and find out how I can help you with your appeal. I represent clients throughout Michigan including metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing and Grand Rapids.

Michigan Drivers License Appeal Wins – 95% Win Rate

I’ve probably won a case similar to yours.  To find out, please read case summaries of some of my drivers license appeal successes. 

Out-of-State and Need a Clearance?

Find out more about out-of-state drivers license appeals for former Michigan residents. I handle cases for the entire state of Michigan and represent former Michigan residents now living throughout the country.

The License Appeal Guarantee

I will restore your drivers license or the next hearing is free.

How I Can Help You with Your Michigan Drivers License Appeal

Interview: Our conversation will usually take about two hours. I want to know how long you have been sober, past drinking and drug use, outpatient counseling, AA attendance and any favorable changes that have occurred since you stopped drinking.

Plan of Action: At the interview, a plan of action will be created which will outline all the items we will need before your case is filed.

Obtaining Evidence: For most of my clients, this step takes the most time. Getting the letters can be a challenge because you are relying on others to write the letters for you. To make this step go as quickly and smoothly as possible, I will give you an outline of questions that each letter writer should answer. This will ensure that each letter provides the information that the hearing officer will need. Before the letters are presented at your license appeal hearing, I will review them to make sure that they cover all the necessary items.

Substance Abuse Evaluation: A psychologist or psychiatrist with substance abuse experience will be required to evaluate your condition and provide an opinion to the hearing officer. You will also need a drug screen. The evaluation and drug screen will be presented to the hearing officer. These will have a great impact on the outcome of your Michigan drivers license appeal.

Filing: Once all the steps are completed, I will file your documents to set up your Michigan drivers license appeal hearing.

Preparation for the Hearing: At the hearing, one of the key pieces of evidence is your testimony. As such, I will help you prepare your testimony for the Michigan drivers license appeal hearing.

Hearing: I will represent you at the hearing. I will question you to elicit favorable information about your case and submit the evidence to the hearing officer. After the testimony, I will make a closing argument to the hearing officer about why you should be granted a Michigan drivers license.

To Discuss Your Case, Contact Mark for a Free Phone Consultation

Please call me at 800-975-5060 or 248-374-0722 or complete the online request form.

Michigan Statewide Coverage

statewide coverage sealWhether you’re currently an in-state Michigan resident who needs to reinstate a Michigan drivers license or a former resident now living in another state who needs a clearance, I can help. I handle cases throughout Michigan including metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing and Grand Rapids.

Additional Michigan Drivers License Appeal Information

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