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Michigan OWI Lawyer

Michigan OWI LawyerCharged with OWI (Operating While Intoxicated) or Super Drunk Driving? Dealing with a Michigan drunk driving charge can be challenging and confusing. If this is your first involvement with the criminal system, it just adds to the difficulty. It can be baffling, intimidating and embarrassing.

Questions about penalties, driving sanctions and how to defend your case are probably at the top of your list. As a Michigan OWI lawyer, I can answer your questions regarding your options and what may happen. Call me for a free phone consultation at 248-374-0722.

How A Michigan OWI Lawyer Can Help with Your Case

The following is an overview of steps that are often involved in defending Michigan OWI charges:

  1. Initial interview: As your Michigan OWI attorney, I will interview you about the facts of your case. This will provide me with insight into possible defenses and what evidence we may need to obtain.
  2. Secure evidence: For example, it may be necessary to obtain the police report and videotapes depicting your driving and field sobriety tests.
  3. Strategy and assessment: As the case progresses, we will discuss how best to proceed. This may involve evidentiary challenges, plea bargaining and trial.
  4. Preparation: As your Michigan OWI attorney, I will prepare you for all court proceedings that may involve you testifying or addressing the court.
  5. Attend court hearings: You and I will attend all court hearings whether it is a pretrial hearing, motion hearing, sentencing or trial.

Free Consultation with a Michigan OWI Lawyer

If you would like more information about defending your Michigan OWI charge, please call me for a free phone consultation at 248-374-0722 or email me.

I handle Michigan DUI cases in Wayne and Oakland Counties including, but not limited to, these cities:

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