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Points and Insurance Rate Hikes

I have successfully helped hundreds of clients avoid or reduce points and insurance rate hikes. Call me for a free phone consultation to discuss your case.

Concerned About Points and Insurance Rate Hikes?

If so, you’re not alone. Most of my clients facing Michigan traffic tickets tell me these are their biggest concerns. And for good reason – too many points can jeopardize your driver’s license. What’s more, traffic ticket convictions can cause big insurance rate hikes.

How a Michigan Traffic Lawyer Can Help You

I will try to negotiate a favorable plea that avoids or reduces points and is not reported to the Secretary of State. This can help avoid insurance rate hikes. If a favorable plea is not possible due to the circumstances, then a formal hearing can be held which is similar to a trial. At the hearing, I will ask questions to establish your case, cross-examine the police officer and argue on your behalf. The Judge will then determine whether you are responsible for the Michigan traffic ticket.

Get a Free Phone Consultation

As a Michigan traffic ticket lawyer, I have helped hundreds of clients with their tickets. For a free phone consultation, contact me at 248-374-0722 or request a consultation.

In addition to Michigan traffic cases, I handle DUI/OWI, and driver’s license reinstatement cases.

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