Preparation is key when you are attempting to get your license restored. Knowing what to expect during your driver’s license restoration hearing will help you adequately address the issues that may arise. Answering Michigan driver’s license appeal hearing questions is one of several steps that you will encounter.

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Answering these questions shouldn’t be difficult. If you followed the orders during your suspension, attended sobriety classes, and remained sober, you can go into your appeal hearing with confidence.


Following are some of the Michigan driver’s license appeal hearing questions you can expect in 2021.


  1. Have you remained sober for at least one year prior to this hearing (or other applicable timeframe)?

Remaining sober and not drinking and driving is crucial to the success of your case.


  1. Have you used any intoxicating substances, including Schedule 1 drugs, without a prescription from a qualified physician for medical purposes?

If you must use prescription drugs for health reasons, how and when you use the drugs will likely be discussed and factored into the decision. If you use drugs for recreational purposes, this will be scrutinized as well and may reflect negatively on your case. While the term that is frequently used in the public is “drinking and driving,” using drugs and driving is also dangerous and sometimes illegal as well.


  1. Have you paid your fees and fines related to your DUI? Have you completed your community service requirements?

Basic, foundational questions such as these will be asked, or the answers will be presented in documentation.


  1. Have you driven while your license was suspended or revoked?

They will want to verify that you followed the orders of your suspension or license revocation, especially when it comes to actually getting behind the wheel.


  1. Did you attend sobriety classes?

Sobriety classes can help attendees realize things about themselves that they did not see before, which can help them modify their perspectives for the better. As a result, the individuals can feel a renewed sense of confidence, and that may mean no longer feeling the need to rely on intoxicating substances.


  1. Do you have letters of recommendation for your license reinstatement?

You will need at least three letters from individuals who can attest to your sobriety. I recommend five or six letters.


  1. Do you have the support of a substance abuse counselor for your license reinstatement plea?

Ideally, one of those letters would come from your substance abuse counselor.


  1. Did you use an ignition interlock device as directed and for the entire duration?

Complete and honest use of the ignition interlock device will be a crucial element in the board’s decision to reinstate your license. 


  1. Are you currently employed? How many miles away is your workplace? Will you be working from home in 2021?

If you need a license to get a job or must drive to maintain current employment, your work situation may be a factor in the board’s decision.


  1. Have you been stopped and ticketed for any reason since you received your restricted license? Do you have any pending traffic matters?

How seriously you view your overall privilege to drive will be a factor as well. The board will want to confirm that you are a responsible driver in general, and that includes such things as driving within speed limitations, stopping at stop signs, etc.


  1. What have you learned since your drunken driving conviction? What have you done to change your drinking habits?

Discuss how your perspectives have changed since your arrest.


  1. Who do you live with?

Who you live with has broad implications, and every situation is different. The board may assess your current living situation to ensure that the temptation to drink/drink and drive isn’t overwhelming; to see if other residents are supportive of your endeavors; and to determine that they are available to assist you if needed. Another factor in this regard is if you are a caretaker for someone else, which inevitably increases your need for a driver’s license. 


  1. How are you avoiding situations that may tempt you to drink alcohol or use other intoxicating substances?

Discuss how your interests have changed during the course of your license suspension or revocation.


  1. Do you have people in your life who are supporting you in your efforts to remain sober?

The board may wish to verify that you have supportive individuals in your life who are championing your sobriety and, at the very least, would stop you from drinking and driving.


  1. Prior to this incident, what were your drinking habits? How often did you drink and with whom? Where did you drink?

The board may want to know how your drinking habits have changed, and the answer to this question would set a baseline for comparison.


  1. In the past year, have you been to any establishments whose primary purposes are to serve alcohol?

Spending too much time in certain establishments may make it harder for you to remain sober.


  1. When you attend social events, how do you spend your time?

If you veer toward “heavy drinkers” at social events, this will raise a red flag.


These are only some of the Michigan driver’s license appeal questions you can expect to hear in 2021. Others may be more specific to your individual case and circumstances. The importance of answering these questions adequately and truthfully reinforces the need to work with an experienced license restoration attorney. 


I can help prepare you for what may come your way that day. You only get one chance per year to try to get your license reinstated, so being fully prepared is crucial. Contact me for a consultation or more information.


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