Case #1


Matt’s driver’s license was revoked because of 2 prior drunk-driving convictions.

Matt was still on probation for his 2nd drunk-driving conviction. This presented a significant hurdle. Many petitioners seeking their driver’s license who are still on probation or who were recently on probation lose their request for a driver’s license. Why? Because sometimes hearing officers don’t give you credit for your length of sobriety while you are on probation. Hearing officers use the rationale that you are not exercising free will while on probation.

Thus, the challenge here was to build an extremely convincing case that Matt’s driver’s license should be restored so as to overcome any objection from the hearing officer concerning probation.


After a lengthy hearing, I was able to convince the hearing officer to restore Matt’s Michigan driver’s license even though he was still on probation.

At the hearing, Matt testified convincingly about his sobriety, AA commitment and his future plans.

I next showed the hearing officer the substance-abuse evaluation, negative-drug screen, treatment records, AA sign-in sheets and letters of support.

After I questioned Matt and introduced the favorable evidence, I argued that Matt’s driver’s license should be restored. The hearing officer agreed and restored Matt’s driving privileges. My client’s driving privileges were restored despite the fact that he was still on probation.

You can read what my client said about my efforts below in the following letter from Matt.

Here’s What Matt Had to Say:

I want to thank you for your exceptional dedication and efforts to my Michigan driver’s license reinstatement case. I have no doubt that this successful outcome was due to your hard work, research, time, knowledge of case law and understanding my personal situation. It was so refreshing to work with an attorney that I felt really cared about my well-being and I was not just another client that he would quickly process through the system. You took the time to get to know me and my situation and use that to develop appropriate strategies to win my case.

Even so many of the little things you did went so far to show me that I made the right choice in an attorney such as simply calling me back promptly, initiating meetings to discuss my case, pro-actively calling me, spending the time to understand my personal situation and preparing the case. You went above and beyond in this area and it was a breath of fresh air.

It is because of these things that I will give you the highest recommendation to anyone that may need an attorney to help in your realm of expertise. Please feel free to use me as a referral to any potential clients and I wish you all the best!


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