Case #10


Richard had a total of 9 DUI arrests. He had previously lost his license and had gone through a hearing and won his driving privileges back. However, after getting his license back, he started drinking again and was arrested for several more DUI’s. As a result, his license was revoked and he turned to me for help. The challenge here would be to overcome the high number of arrests (9) and to deal with the fact that he had previously been approved for a license only to incur several more DUI arrests.


At the hearing, solid evidence of recovery was submitted:

  1. AA attendance sheets documenting several years of attendance
  2. 5 good letters of sobriety along with a letter from his sponsor
  3. A letter from a person that Richard sponsors at AA
  4. Treatment records showing successful completion of treatment
  5. A favorable substance abuse evaluation showing that Richard’s problem was under control and would likely remain that way into the future

Bottom line

The hearing officer was convinced and granted Richard driving privileges.

Here’s What Richard Had to Say:

“I just want to give you a huge THANK YOU!!!!! I thought with all my DUI arrests, I would be walking forever. Thanks to all your hard work I’m on the road again with a restricted driver’s license, and it’s the greatest thing to be able to drive again. Also thanks for always picking up the phone when I called with a question, and doing your best to help me with this overwhelming task of dealing with the DAAD.”


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