Case #11


Steve had 2 prior DUI’s and his license was revoked.


I was able to restore Steve’s driving privileges. At the hearing, Steve did an excellent job testifying about his abstinence, Alcoholics Anonymous involvement and insight gained from his treatment. Additionally, I submitted the following favorable exhibits:

  1. Substance abuse evaluation
  2. Negative 10-panel drug screen
  3. Treatment records
  4. AA sign-in sheets
  5. Probation records
  6. 5 comprehensive supporting letters of sobriety

Bottom line

The hearing officer reinstated Steve’s driver’s license.

Here’s What Steve Had to Say:

“I really appreciate attorney Mark Langschied’s approach to obtaining my license. He was thorough, meticulous and very personable making sure all documentation and evaluations were completed in a logical and stepwise fashion. He was always assessable by telephone or e-mail and assured that I was well prepared many days prior to my actual hearing! I felt very confident due to his very professional yet personalized approach!”