Case #12


John resided in Florida. He had 2 DUI convictions along with an open intoxicants conviction. He had received these convictions in Michigan before moving to Florida. John represented himself in an administrative review and was denied. He then turned to me for help. An additional challenge was that John had never attended any Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.


I was able to secure a clearance of John’s driver’s license so he could apply for a driver’s license in Florida.

Before the hearing, John’s letters were reworked to add important additional information. Further, I advised John to obtain another alcohol evaluation since the one he had was incomplete. John obtained another evaluation which was favorable along with a negative ten-panel drug screen.

At the hearing, I submitted John’s reworked letters, new evaluation and argued that John should be given his driver’s license because he had his alcohol problem under control. I also pointed out that John was very motivated to not violate the law again because he would lose any job he obtained in his field.

Bottom line

The hearing officer agreed and granted John a full clearance of his Michigan driver’s license.

This is What John Had to Say

“When I received my denial letter from the secretary of state I was in disbelief. I thought my administrative appeal was a cut and dry case; little did I know how particular the Secretary of State really is. At the time, getting my driver’s license was paramount because it was required for an upcoming job opportunity. Although I was a little apprehensive about hiring an attorney, I knew that a professional was necessary.

When I called Mark Langschied’s law office I reached him directly. He then took the time to really discuss my case and advise me of my options. Once I retained him, his diligence continued. My schedule had me occupied from six in the morning to eight at night. Mark worked around this and he spoke with me later in the evening and even on the weekends. He worked out every aspect of the case until it was properly and thoroughly prepared. Due to Mr. Langschied’s efforts and professional knowledge, I felt confident that we were presenting the strongest case possible to the hearing officer.

The results speak for themselves, as the case ended up in a win. Anyone out there that wants to hire a professional attorney that takes the time to know each individual case and takes the time to present it properly – I can have no higher recommendation than I do for Mr. Langschied.”