Case #13


Dan came to me for help after he lost a driver’s license re-examination hearing. As a result of this loss, his driver’s license was indefinitely suspended. The Secretary of State suspended his license because of his poor driving record consisting of numerous traffic violations and because they believed he had a problem with alcohol. In terms of alcohol, Dan had a DUI conviction and 2 Minor in Possession convictions.


I recommended that Dan attend a driver safety education class as well as a drunk driving simulator class. Dan completed these courses and thought they were very helpful. At the hearing, I submitted the following:

  1. 4 solid letters of sobriety
  2. A favorable substance abuse evaluation
  3. Recent proof of AA attendance
  4. Completion certificates of the driver education classes
  5. Negative drug screen
  6. Completion of recent alcohol counseling

At the hearing, Dan did a nice job of testifying.

Bottom Line

As a result, I was able to win back Dan’s driving privileges.

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