Case #17


Larry’s driver’s license was revoked because of 2 drunk driving convictions. Larry also had an MIP when he was younger. Larry (with a different attorney) had tried, on 2 previous occasions, to regain his driving privileges. However, Larry lost both of these previous hearings, thus failing to secure his driving privileges. It was with this background of 2 prior losses, that Larry turned to me for help in reinstating his driving privileges.


I was able to secure Larry a full (non-restricted) driver’s license. One of the keys to winning Larry’s case was emphasizing his strong support network and long period of abstinence. I emphasized these points throughout the hearing. Additionally, I submitted a favorable substance abuse evaluation and 5 very strong supporting letters.

Bottom line

I was able to secure Larry a full driver’s license. It should be noted that it is unusual to be granted a full driver’s license. Usually, one is first granted a restricted license and required to install an alcohol detector known as an interlock device in their car. However, because of the overwhelming strength of Larry’s case, the hearing officer granted Larry a full driver’s license.

Here’s What Larry Had to Say:

I could not be happier with the way that Mark Langschied handled my case. He paid very careful attention to every detail to give me the best chance of getting my driving privileges reinstated. He is straightforward, easy to talk to, and I could tell that he put his all into every case. He will let you know where the problem areas are with your case, but is very good at overcoming these problems and getting positive results. I would definitely recommend him to anyone trying to get their driving privileges reinstated.


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