Case #20


Colin had a troubled history trying to get his driver’s license reinstated. Before hiring me, the following occurred: Colin incurred 2 drunk driving convictions and the Secretary of State revoked his license. A year later, Colin prevailed at his first drivers license hearing and secured a restricted license which mandated that an interlock device (an alcohol detector) be installed in his vehicle. Unfortunately for Colin, he had numerous problems with the interlock device including alcohol readings. As a result, the Secretary of State reinstated his earlier revocation. Colin hired an attorney (not me) to appeal the revocation. Colin was unsuccessful at this hearing. After waiting yet another year, Colin unsuccessfully appealed his revocation. It was at this point that he turned to me for help. He desperately needed a driver’s license. His work required that he drive and he was constantly imposing on others for transportation needs. After reviewing his case, it was clear that a fresh approach was required, including dealing with numerous inconsistencies in the prior testimony and evidence.


After a lengthy hearing, I was able to secure Colin’s driving privileges. For the hearing, approximately 15 exhibits were presented in support of his case. Additionally, previous inconsistencies were met head-on and minimized. His prior interlock violations were also dealt with. In closing argument, I urged the hearing officer to take a fresh look at Colin’s case. The hearing officer did just that and granted Colin driving privileges.

Bottom line

Despite Colin’s troubled history in securing his driving privileges, I argued that there were reasonable explanations for the prior inconsistencies and alcohol readings on the interlock device. Colin had his alcohol problem under control and that it would stay that way in the future. The hearing officer ultimately agreed and granted Colin driving privileges.

Here’s What Colin Had to Say:

“Having an extremely complicated history with the Michigan Secretary of State Driver Assessment and Appeal Division, I gave Mark Langschied a tough case to win. He had to deal with previous appeal hearings, loss of restricted license after appeal wins, changes in testimony, and many other issues. Mark went above and beyond to investigate all relevant information. He worked with me to review the case several times prior to the time of the hearing, to ensure that the hearing officer would have a clear picture of my case. I couldn’t be any happier with his work or the result.”