Case #24


John was a Kentucky resident. He had 2 DUI convictions in Michigan and needed a clearance so he could apply for a license in Kentucky. Unfortunately, he drank alcohol during probation resulting in a probation violation. He had attended AA in the past but was no longer attending.


I submitted John’s case for an Administrative Review. I submitted 7 letters documenting his progress as well as 8 additional items of evidence. It was stressed that John had completed his treatment after his violation and had made significant life changes inconsistent with drinking. Further, a favorable drug screen and evaluation were presented. I was successful in obtaining a clearance for John.

Bottom line

The hearing officer granted John a clearance so he could obtain a driver’s license in Kentucky.

This is what John had to say:

“I would absolutely recommend Mark Langschied to represent you for a license appeal hearing. He has the knowledge and takes the time and effort required to get your license back, especially if you do not fit the perfect cookie cutter version of what the Secretary of State thinks you should be doing to stay sober, and what you are doing works for you.”