Case #25


Paul had 5 drinking and driving convictions. He had tried twice unsuccessfully (representing himself) to get his driver’s license reinstated. He had numerous relapses.


I successfully argued for reinstatement of Paul’s driving privileges. For the hearing, I submitted approximately 10 exhibits including a favorable drug screen, alcohol evaluation, supporting letters, AA sign-in sheets and a letter from his sponsor.

Bottom line

I argued that Paul should be given his driver’s license because of his extensive involvement with Alcoholics Anonymous, including a sponsor. This meant that he had a low risk of drinking in the future. The hearing officer agreed and reinstated his driver’s license.

Here’s What Paul Had to Say:

“Mark Langschied represented me in a driver’s license restoration hearing and was successful in getting my license restored, despite the fact that I had been denied twice before and had a history of five driving offenses and many relapses. At our first meeting, Mark explained his expectations of me and what I could expect from him. We went forward and following his advice, we won the case and I am now driving after 13 years without a license! I cannot express how grateful I am to Mark and how great an attorney he is. Mark knows the law, the system, and actually takes the time to get to know you. If you need a skilled attorney who cares and will lead you in the right direction, give Mark a call.”


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