Case #27


Floyd had 2 DUI’s and 1 drug possession conviction. He had tried twice unsuccessfully (representing himself) to get his driver’s license reinstated. He had to overcome a credibility problem he created when he testified inconsistently at one of his earlier hearings. He desperately needed a license to obtain employment as an airline mechanic.


When I first met Floyd and Beatrice, his wife, I knew that a different approach would be necessary given Floyd’s prior inconsistent testimony in his 2 previous driver’s license hearings when he represented himself. I was immediately impressed with his wife Beatrice. She was very credible and well spoken. I made the decision to call her as a witness right then and there.

At the hearing, I submitted the following evidence: 5 very strong letters, a favorable substance evaluation, negative drug screen, AA sign-in sheets, and transcripts and certificates of completion from an airplane maintenance program.

At the hearing, Floyd and Beatrice testified. As expected, Beatrice bolstered her husband’s credibility. Ultimately, the credibility issue was overcome and the hearing officer agreed with my arguments reinstating Floyd’s driving privileges.

Bottom line

Floyd’s driver’s license was reinstated. This would allow him to obtain a higher paying job as an aircraft mechanic and put his family on a more secure financial footing.

Here’s What Floyd Had to Say:

“My wife and I are very grateful to Mark for going that extra mile and helping me get the best restrictions possible for my license. I’m driving again after 10 years and finally getting my life put back together. I would definitely recommend Mark for anyone who needs a no-nonsense approach to license restoration.”