Case #32


James’ license was revoked because of 2 DUI’s.  He had counseling following his 2nd conviction.  However, he continued to drink.  He had only attended AA 10 times.  To reinforce his 4 years of sobriety, he attended additional counseling.


I submitted more than 10 exhibits including 6 strong letters, a favorable evaluation and treatment records.  James testified convincingly about his condition and strategies for maintaining his sobriety.  The hearing officer granted James driving privileges.

Bottom line

The hearing officer agreed with my position and granted James a driver’s license.

Here’s What James Had to Say:

Mark worked tirelessly on my case. I am confident his advice was the difference between success and failure. I went into my hearing with a full understanding of what to expect, prepared with solid evidence and knowledge of what would be asked of me. I came out of my hearing with my license back.


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