Case #33


Jake lived in Kentucky and needed a clearance from Michigan so he could get a license in Kentucky.  His license was revoked because of 2 DUI’s and a Minor in Possession. He represented himself twice and failed to get Michigan to issue a clearance. Desperate for a license, he turned to me for help.


For the hearing, I submitted the following documents: 4 strong letters documenting sobriety, a favorable substance use disorders evaluation, negative drug screen, treatment records, and AA sign in sheets. I prepared Jake for his testimony at the hearing and he testified convincingly.

Bottom line

I urged the hearing officer to grant a clearance so Jake could apply for a license in Kentucky and the hearing officer agreed and issued Jake a clearance.

Here’s What Jake Had to Say:

Mark Langschied is the most thorough and honest lawyer I have ever dealt with.  He was very up front and honest with me from the start, was able to quickly find where I went wrong in my previous appeals, and explained in detail why my prior appeals failed.  Mark told me exactly what he was going to do and what he needed me to do in order to be successful at the hearing.  He was also able to schedule an evaluation for me with an experienced substance abuse evaluator who was very familiar with the whole process, unlike the evaluators from my previous attempts.  Mark was also proactive in helping me prepare for my testimony and any questions that I could encounter during my hearing.  I’m sure it would have taken much, much longer to get my Michigan clearance record and Kentucky driver’s license if I hadn’t turned to him for help.  Thanks again Mark, my family and I appreciate it!