Case #34


Les lived in Ohio and needed a clearance so he could get an Ohio driver’s license. His job was on the line. His employer required him to get a license or he would lose his job of 7 years. He had a wife and 2 children to support. He had a total of 3 alcohol convictions. Les had 7 years of sobriety when he slipped up and had a drink just over a year before his license hearing. The hearing officer had to be convinced he would never drink again. He had tried on his own to get his license reinstated and failed. He now turned to me for help.


I submitted a favorable alcohol evaluation, drug screen, and 5 supporting letters. Both Les and his wife testified convincingly at the hearing.  I urged the hearing officer to grant Les a clearance so he could get an Ohio driver’s license to maintain his job.

Bottom line

The hearing officer agreed and granted Les a clearance so he could obtain an Ohio driver’s license.

This Is What Les Had To Say:

I tried getting my license back myself and lost. I talked to some of my friends who hired other attorneys and lost so I was very hesitant about paying anyone to help me. But I did some research and found Mark. Mark is very professional – do what he says, don’t give up and it will be worth your time and money because I now have my Ohio driver’s license.