Case #35


Shane had 4 alcohol convictions. He completed some outpatient treatment along with an educational program. Although he was diagnosed as an alcoholic, he only attended AA 4 times.


I submitted a favorable evaluation, drug screen and 5 very strong supporting letters on Shane’s behalf. Shane testified as to his sobriety and how he had maintained his sobriety. I argued that Alcoholics Anonymous was not necessary for Shane since he had maintained his sobriety without it. The hearing officer agreed and granted Shane a driver’s license.

Bottom line

Although Shane had only attended AA 4 times, I successfully restored Shane’s driving privileges.

This Is What Shane Had To Say:

I would recommend Mark Langschied to anyone that needs help getting a license back. He has the knowledge and he will take the time to make sure everything is right before you go into your hearing. After 3 long years, I am finally driving again. Thank you, Mark, for all your hard work.