Case #36


Todd, representing himself, had lied and lost at a previous driver’s license hearing.  Restoring his credibility was critical.  I worked with Todd to do just this.

For the hearing, we submitted numerous documents in support of his case including a favorable evaluation, negative drug screen and treatment records.

At the hearing, Todd testified convincingly and believably. The hearing officer granted Todd driving privileges, despite the fact that he had lied at previous driver’s license hearing.

Bottom line

I successfully helped Todd overcome his credibility problem and the hearing officer granted Todd driving privileges.

This Is What Todd Had To Say:

My case, like everyone else’s, was different. It was unique to my situation and Mr. Langschied recognized that and tailored his work to my particular needs. Working sun-up to sundown most days left me with little room to go over my case and Mark was flexible on this. Whether my only downtime was an early morning, a late evening, or sometime on the weekend, he worked with me. His professionalism and integrity let me know we weren’t going to go to a hearing until he knew I was ready. Thanks to Mr. Langschied, I got my license restored and I would recommend him to anyone finding themselves in the unfortunate situation of having their license revoked.