Case #37


Frank lived in California and needed the Michigan clearance to get a California driver’s license. Several years earlier, Frank tried on his own and failed to get Michigan to issue a clearance. Further, he had 3 previous relapses.


On Frank’s behalf, I submitted a favorable substance use disorders evaluation, drug screen, petitioner’s affidavit, a statement from Frank, 5 very strong supporting letters and documentation of recently completed outpatient counseling with a favorable prognosis. I argued that a clearance should be issued because he had dealt with the issues involved in his previous relapses and had a good prognosis. The hearing officer agreed and granted Frank a clearance.

Bottom line

The hearing officer agreed with my argument and issued a clearance so Frank could obtain a California driver’s license.

Here’s What Frank Had to Say:

Hey Mark,

Just got home to great news – my appeal was granted! Thank you so much for all your help in finally getting this matter taken care of. I can’t tell you how great it is to finally have this all done.


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