Case #4


Greg’s Michigan driver’s license was revoked due to 3 prior drunk driving convictions. He had recently moved to Florida and was unable to get his license in Florida because his driver’s license was revoked in Michigan. Greg needed to get a clearance from Michigan in order to get a driver’s license in Florida. In order to obtain a clearance, he would have to prove the exact same thing a Michigan resident would have to prove in order to get his driver’s license. In short, Greg would have to prove at least 6 to 12 months of sobriety, that his alcohol problem is under control and will likely remain under control in the future, and that he is motivated to drive safely within the law.


I convinced the hearing officer to issue a clearance of Greg’s driver’s license so he could obtain a license in Florida.

At the hearing, I submitted 15 exhibits to support Greg’s case for a driver’s license reinstatement clearance. Some of the key exhibits were as follows:

  1. Favorable substance abuse evaluation with a diagnosis of alcohol dependence in full remission with a high probability of continued sobriety
  2. Favorable Dast and Mast test results relied upon by the substance abuse evaluator
  3. Negative 10-panel drug screen
  4. Successful completion of intensive outpatient alcohol treatment
  5. Seven letters from family, friends and an employer
  6. AA sign-in sheets

Greg testified well. I next argued to the hearing officer that, given all of the favorable evidence, Greg should be allowed to drive.

Bottom line

The hearing officer granted my request and issued a clearance of Greg’s Michigan driver’s license so that he could obtain a license in Florida.

Letter from Greg

“I can’t express how impressed I was with your expert handling of my driver’s license restoration case. Having the need to prepare for this case, and trying to go through the process, can be daunting. Your understanding of the system and extensive knowledge of the hearing procedure made me confident I had made the right choice.

I appreciated you taking the time to review my case step by step, getting to know me, and staying in constant contact with me throughout the entire process. I truly believe your professionalism and preparedness were the difference makers in this successful outcome.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to another individual looking for the right attorney!”


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