Case #40


Jim lived in Georgia and needed a license to get to and from work. He’d been without a license for 14 years. He lost his license because of 3 DUIs and a drug conviction. Representing himself, he lost a previous drivers license appeal. He turned to me for help.


I submitted a favorable substance use disorders evaluation, negative drug screen, affidavit and 4 supporting letters. I also stressed that he had been sober for more than 6 years.

Bottom line

The hearing officer agreed and granted Jim a clearance so that he could obtain a license in Georgia.

This Is What Jim Had To Say:

After trying to win my first appeal on my own, Mark was quick to point out the reasons why I was denied.  No more looking in the rearview, wondering who I can call to bail me out (again), should I get pulled over. Mark’s track record speaks for itself. I really wish I would’ve called him years ago. I would have saved so much time and money. My life has immediately changed for the better. I cannot emphasize this enough, don’t go it alone, your future depends on it. I can never thank him enough. The light at the end of my tunnel was pretty dim, but now, I am issue free.