Case #41


Rick lived in North Carolina and needed a clearance from Michigan so he could get a North Carolina driver’s license. He had 3 drinking and driving offenses. However, he had never attended Alcoholics Anonymous or had any treatment for his substance issues. This would have to be overcome in order to get him a clearance.


I submitted a favorable substance use disorders evaluation, negative drug screen, affidavit, and 6 very strong letters attesting to his sobriety and significant life changes. I argued that because of his sobriety and life changes, his alcohol problem was under control and would likely stay that way into the future.

Bottom line

The hearing officer agreed and granted Rick a clearance so he could apply for a North Carolina driver’s license.

This Is What Rick Had To Say:

There is no better attorney to have working with you to get your drivers license back. Mark knows the process better than anyone, and will do everything possible to win your case. His attention to detail, organization, and experience is outstanding. After three years with a revoked license, I can drive again! Don’t mess around trying to get it back on your own, it’s a waste of time and only makes it harder. Just get Mark and do exactly as he says, and you’ll be driving again. By far the best decision of my life!