Case #5


Frank’s driver’s license was revoked due to 4 drunk driving convictions.


I convinced the hearing officer to grant driving privileges to Frank.

At the hearing, I submitted important evidence to the hearing officer:

  1. A favorable substance abuse evaluation
  2. A negative 10-panel drug screen
  3. Outpatient treatment records showing successful completion of counseling
  4. 4 letters of sobriety reinforcing Frank’s claim of sobriety and new lifestyle
  5. Discharge statements showing successful completion of probation
  6. Academic transcripts showing excellent grades during the time in which Frank was sober

At the hearing, Frank did an excellent job testifying in response to my questions and those from the hearing officer. Frank testified about his sobriety and life changes, including getting married and completing his education. He was now looking for a job in his field. He also testified that he would need to drive in order to get employment. Frank testified that he found the outpatient treatment extremely helpful as well as the 12 steps of AA and the rational recovery approach.

At the close of the testimony, I argued that Frank should be granted driving privileges because of the favorable evidence.

Bottom line

The hearing officer agreed and granted driving privileges to Frank.