Case #6


Dave’s driver’s license had been revoked for 15 years. He had a total of 5 DUI convictions. Dave was unable to get a license in Arizona because he had never resolved his revoked license in Michigan. He now needed to get a Michigan clearance so that he could apply for a license in Arizona.

Dave had tried unsuccessfully 3 times to get his driver’s license on his own. He contacted me after he lost an administrative review appeal. As an out-of-state resident, he had the right to a hearing since he lost an administrative review appeal. The plan was to do a hearing in Michigan in order to obtain a clearance.


I won the hearing and Dave was issued a clearance from Michigan so that he could get a driver’s license in Arizona.

I reviewed the documents Dave had submitted for the administrative review (he had hired me after he lost the appeal). The substance abuse evaluation he obtained in Arizona was inadequate because it was incomplete. Additionally, his letters were inadequate. I advised Dave of these problems.

To deal with this, the letters were revised to include additional important information. Additionally, Dave would fly into Michigan several days before the hearing in order to obtain a substance abuse evaluation from a qualified Michigan evaluator. This way, the evaluation would be completely and thoroughly filled out.

At the hearing, I provided 17 exhibits to the hearing officer in support of Dave’s case for driver’s license reinstatement. These included letters of sobriety, the substance abuse evaluation, and treatment records.

Dave testified to his sobriety, AA and family support network and his solid work history since becoming sober. He also testified that he wanted a driver’s license so he could take care of his aging parents, resume his painting career, purchase a home, and possibly in the future, get married and have a family.

I urged the hearing officer to grant a clearance because of his sobriety, successful treatment, extensive support network in and outside of AA, and likelihood that Dave would remain sober into the future.

The hearing officer agreed and granted Dave a clearance of his Michigan license so that he could obtain a driver’s license in Arizona.

Bottom line

Dave was issued a clearance so he could seek a driver’s license in Arizona.

Here’s What Dave Had to Say:

“I just want to thank you for representing me. There is no way I would have won my case without you as my attorney. I moved out to Arizona 15 years ago and over the last 10 years tried to appeal to get my license reinstated three times and was denied all three times. After having five DUIs, I thought I’d never get it back. I needed a Michigan lawyer who knew what he was doing. After our first phone conversation, not only was he friendly but I trusted him, he really cared about my case. We had 30 days to prepare for court, we stayed in constant contact, and every time I called I was able to talk to him. His knowledge and expertise about the whole process, totally prepared me for the hearing — as a result — I won.

I would definitely recommend Mr. Langschied if you have any driver’s license issues from DUIs.”


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