Case #7


Tim’s driver’s license had been revoked due to 2 drunk driving convictions. Also, Tim had a drug conviction. The challenge with Tim’s case was minimal Alcoholics Anonymous attendance. Tim had only attended AA a dozen times. AA can be an important element in proving that your alcohol problem is under control because it provides a support group.


Despite minimal AA attendance, I was able to win Tim driving privileges.

At the hearing, I presented the following favorable evidence:

  1. Substance abuse evaluation
  2. Negative drug screen
  3. Letters from 4 individuals all stating that Tim had abstained from the use of alcohol and drugs and had changed as a person
  4. Substance abuse counseling records showing completion of the program

At the hearing, Tim testified to his sobriety and how he had maintained his sobriety. Further, Tim testified about how he had changed since he stopped drinking and his goals in the future.

Bottom line

The hearing officer was persuaded to restore driving privileges even though Tim had only attended Alcoholics Anonymous about a dozen times.

Here’s What Tim Had to Say:

Mark Langschied is one of the hardest working guys out there. He laid out all of the possible paths we could take in order to maximize the possibility of my driver’s license being reinstated. There were a lot of hurdles to get over in my case. For example, I’ve only attended a few weeks worth of AA meetings and had always heard that might hurt me in the long run. However, after a long discussion, we found a way around it, and it worked!

His flexibility, dedication to his clients and excellent communication make him one of the best in the field (in my opinion); and his advice is priceless. He told me upfront that no case is a “home-run”, and that kind of honesty is very rare, and exactly what I was looking for in an attorney. I don’t think I could’ve done it without his straight-forward professionalism and knowledge. If you want someone who’s going to tell you what you need to hear, and not someone who says what you want to hear, Mark Langschied is the attorney you need.


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