Case #9


Luke had a revoked license because of 2 prior drunk driving convictions. Additionally, Luke had only attended AA 1 time. Overcoming this would be one of the challenges in this case.


Despite only attending AA 1 time, I was able to get Luke’s driver’s license privileges restored. At the hearing, I submitted to the hearing officer the following:

  1. A favorable substance abuse evaluation
  2. A negative drug screen
  3. Five letters confirming Luke’s two years of sobriety
  4. A certificate of completion of a 72-hour alcohol counseling/education program

In addition to these items, Luke testified solidly about his sobriety and his plan for remaining that way. Furthermore, I called a witness on his behalf that testified very strongly.

Bottom line

The hearing officer was convinced and issued Luke driving privileges. The significance of this case is that it shows that AA attendance is not always necessary to win back your driver’s license.