Grand Rapids Driver’s License Restoration

Your ability to drive yourself to work or school, and enjoy everyday freedom can be taken for granted. Driving privileges can be taken away for both driving and non-driving offenses such as not paying child support, but the most common reason associated with driver’s license revocation is consuming too much alcohol (.08 blood alcohol level) and driving, also known as a DUI (driving under the influence). The State of Michigan will automatically suspend or revoke a driver’s license for certain violations. So whether your license is temporarily suspended or revoked, it’s likely that you’ll want to get it back as soon as possible so you can resume your life.

If you’re a resident in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area with a revoked or restricted license from a DUI, your first step toward getting back on the road is to request a hearing with the Secretary of State. This must be done in writing and mailed in or submitted through the Secretary of State’s electronic system, DAIS (Driver Appeal Integrated System). Since you’re located in Grand Rapids you’ll be able to have a live, in person hearing at the branch on Division Avenue. If you live outside this office’s radius you will be able to attend your hearing via live streaming video.

If your license has been revoked due to an alcohol offense in the Grand Rapids area, you might be required to attend meetings at a local Alcoholics Anonymous group. Fortunately, there are a variety of public and alternative transportation options such as The Rapid, DASH (Downtown Area Shuttle), Route 19, and the Silver Line. Grand Rapids is also host to ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft.

Driver's license reinstatement hearings are now virtual; click here to learn more -- Learn more