This blog will discuss the first segment of Michigan’s graduated license system. As will be seen, it has implications for drivers license restoration Michigan.

Michigan drivers can begin driver education when they reach the age of 14 years and eight months. Michigan drivers license restoration attorneys know that prior to any behind the wheel driving, a vision and health screening is required. The driver education consists of a minimum of 24 hours of classroom education and a minimum of six hours of behind the wheel experience. Additionally, the student must have at least four hours of behind the wheel observation time. Following this, a written exam is required.

A Michigan drivers license restoration attorney will know that once the education segment is completed, a level I license is issued to the teen driver. The teen driver must be at least 14 years and nine months of age to begin driving. Further, the level I licensed driver may only drive with a parent or other designated licensed adult age 21 or older. At this stage, the teen driver may not drive alone.

From a Michigan drivers license restoration perspective, these rules make sense. Driving with a licensed adult will help the new driver avoid traffic accidents and violations.

The new driver must complete at least 30 hours of supervised driving, including at least two hours of supervised nighttime driving. Further, the level I drivers license must be held for at least three months. New drivers who receive traffic violations or are involved in accidents may incur suspensions. Suspensions may be appealed. Therefore, the supervision requirements should lessen the need for Michigan driver license restoration hearings.

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