This blog lists the basic items that should be presented for a Michigan driver license restoration hearing for former Michigan residents now living in other states.

For drivers license restoration Michigan, you should submit the following:

  1. All items listed in my previous post, “Steps to license Restoration in Michigan – Part 1.”  In short, you need to file a request for administrative review, substance evaluation, drug screen, evidence of AA support (if any), treatment records and letters documenting sobriety.
  2. A petitioner’s affidavit.
  3. Also, for Michigan license restoration you should file documents establishing residency in your current state of residence. For example, you could submit a state ID, utility bills, bank statements or pay stubs.

You should consult with a Michigan drivers license appeal attorney to find out what evidence should be submitted in your particular case. It’s important to remember that your case is unique and additional information may be necessary to submit.  Again, it is recommended that you confer with a Michigan drivers license appeal lawyer.

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