Lawyer for Driver's License Restoration in Michigan in courtRestoring your driver’s license after a second DUI is possible with the help of a skilled Michigan license restoration attorney. If you receive two or more DUIs in the state of Michigan, your driver’s license will be automatically revoked. This means you no longer enjoy any legal driving rights whatsoever. 

Although the penalty is mandatory in these cases, you do have options for winning back your driving rights in the future. After a year or more of sobriety, and with the assistance of an experienced Michigan license reinstatement lawyer and some key evidence, you can file for an appeal with the Secretary of State to have your license reinstated. 

If you’ve gotten two or three DUIs in Michigan and are looking to win back your driving rights, read on to find out about your options. 

How a Second DUI Affects Your Driving Record

Above all the potential penalties that go along with a DUI or OWI conviction, which can include fines, community service, or even jail time, a second DUI establishes a pattern. Basically, it shows the state that there is an underlying issue causing these drunk driving incidents. When an actual substance abuse issue is involved, the state has determined that the offender’s license should be revoked fully. 

Unlike a suspended license, it will not be automatically reinstated or give you the ability to easily file for restoration after a 90-day period. Your license is completely taken away until further notice. That means you need to actively fight to get it back. And you must be able to prove that you’ve addressed those substance abuse issues and maintained long term sobriety in order to do so. 

Even if you move to another state, having your Michigan driver’s license revoked impedes your driving rights. You still need to file for license restoration with the state of Michigan in order to have any chance of another state granting you driving rights. 

Capabilities of a DUI License Restoration Lawyer

Unless you decide to fight for your driving rights with the Michigan Secretary of State, a revoked license will simply stay revoked forever. This means you need to take initiative, get sober, gather evidence to support your claims that you can drive safely again, and consider finding an experienced attorney to help you build a case. 

License restoration cases in Michigan are different from other court cases or appeals with the state. You need to file for a hearing directly with the Secretary of State. And the process of the hearing is similar to that of a traditional court case although it’s not actually taking place in a courtroom. However, you do still need to gather and submit evidence, share testimony, and potentially even bring in corroborating witnesses to support your case. 

While you certainly can represent yourself, you should consider getting a license reinstatement lawyer.  It can be complicated to understand all of what is necessary and make sure that you have the best possible chance of getting your driving rights reinstated.  The types of evidence and relevant facts of the case are different when it comes to license restoration. You’re not arguing about the circumstances surrounding your DUI convictions. You’re instead arguing that you’ve addressed the underlying issues that led to those incidents, and that they’re no longer going to be an issue. There are also several pieces of mandatory evidence that the Secretary of State requires in order to even consider your license reinstatement. If you miss any one of these, or if you overlook a piece of evidence that isn’t required but could strongly support your claims, you could end up with a negative outcome. 

Basically, the job of a license restoration attorney is to prove your ability to safely operate a vehicle moving forward and that your sobriety is solid. They can help you gather the necessary evidence and support to make this claim to the Secretary of State. This includes things like a drug panel, AA attendance logs, evaluation from a qualified substance abuse counselor, and letters of support from members of your community. If you don’t have the necessary sobriety time under your belt yet or the type of evidence the state is looking for, they can consult with you so you know what to work on before you actually file for a hearing. They can also help you prepare for the hearing and let you know what to expect as you go through the process, from submitting your initial request for hearing form to actually stating your case in front of hearing officer. 

Find a Lawyer for License Restoration After a Second or Third DUI

Second DUI Michigan license restoration cases can be quite complicated. Finding an experienced license lawyer for your Michigan second DUI should be something you consider when you’re working to get your driving rights back. After two DUIs, you must have at least a year of sobriety under your belt if you want to have any chance at a successful license restoration case. However, once you have achieved sobriety and addressed the underlying issues behind your substance abuse, reach out to have an attorney evaluate your case. 


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