Case #21


Richard’s license was revoked because of 2 alleged interlock violations. The Secretary of State claimed that Richard had tampered/circumvented the interlock system and also skipped a rolling retest. For background on Richard’s original case (I got his driving privileges reinstated after 9 DUI arrests), please see case summary #10.


I was able to convince the hearing officer to reinstate Richard’s driving privileges. At the conclusion of the hearing, the hearing officer was convinced that Richard had not tampered or circumvented the interlock system. Instead, his battery went dead. I also provided corroborating evidence to support this. As to the rolling retest violation, the hearing officer was convinced that this lacked merit and my client was not consuming alcohol. In total, I submitted 10 exhibits to prove that Richard had done nothing wrong.

Bottom Line

I convinced the hearing officer that Richard had not committed an interlock violation. As a result, his driving privileges were reinstated.


Here’s What Richard Had to Say:

“A great job on getting my restricted driver’s license back a second time. The Secretary of State took it for an interlock violation and you were able to prove the violations were unwarranted. You are always ready to talk on the phone and give helpful advice. I will recommend you to anyone who needs your services! Thank you, Mark!!”