Case #30


I had previously represented Steve and won him his driving privileges. See Case #11 – on my Successes page for his case summary. After many months of successful driving, the Secretary of State had revoked his license due to an alleged interlock violation. They claimed he missed a rolling retest.


Steve was adamant that the rolling retest violation occurred when the interlock company had possession of his car and therefore, the violation was not his fault. I contacted the interlock company and they agreed that it was not Steve’s fault. At the hearing, I submitted favorable documentation from the interlock company.

Bottom line

The hearing officer found the evidence and arguments convincing and reinstated Steve’s license.

Here’s What Steve Had to Say:

Mark is always prepared and his briefings prior to going to the hearing as to how the entire process will go are quite helpful because they lessen much of the anxiety that one has when going to a hearing.


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