Case #42


Tim wanted his full driving privileges restored but had 5 interlock violations. The violations consisted of:  an alcohol reading, 3 tamper circumvents and removal of the interlock device without permission. The challenge would be to convince the hearing officer that Tim did nothing wrong and had not been consuming alcohol.  I had previously represented Tim and won his case. Please see case summary #7 for more background information.


For the hearing, I submitted several car repair receipts documenting charging and battery issues with the car. Further, I argued that the alcohol reading was not from alcohol. Tim testified convincingly that none of the violations had anything to do with alcohol and that he did not tamper or circumvent the interlock device. Further, the proofs documented that he had a legitimate reason to take the interlock device out of his vehicle. The hearing officer agreed with my arguments and granted Tim full driving privileges.

Bottom line

The interlock violations were successfully defeated and the hearing officer granted Tim full driving privileges.

This Is What Tim Had To Say:

I would like to reiterate what I’ve already said before:  Mark Langschied is the hardest working drivers license restoration lawyer out there. He brought my first case to a positive conclusion that resulted in the first step to having full driving privileges, involving an ignition interlock for one year on a restricted license.

When the time came to put together the case for my full license (one year later), calling Mark was like calling an old friend, and he got to work right away. Without him I’d be lost. With Mark’s experience and professional guidance, he led me through the entire process and provided me with all the necessary tools. In the end, the hearing officer was presented with insurmountable evidence and ultimately granted me full driving privileges and I couldn’t have done it without his help. His rates are reasonable considering the amount of attention he puts into his cases. If you listen to what he says and do what he asks you to do, your chances of success are increased exponentially. Thanks again, Mark, for all your hard work, it is greatly appreciated.

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