The Michigan Secretary of State has revamped the forms and processes for drivers license reinstatement Michigan. Some of these changes appear to be significant and will require more paperwork to be filled out, especially for Michigan residents.

The new forms appear to limit whom is permitted to request an Administrative Review by mail. According to the new Request for Hearing, only non-Michigan residents attempting to clear their driving record are eligible for Administrative Reviews. In the past, Administrative Reviews were available to Michigan residents seeking removal of restrictions granted at a previous license hearing or sobriety court.

An evaluation by a licensed substance abuse treatment center is also required for driver license reinstatement Michigan. This form used to be called the Substance Use Disorders Evaluation and is now referred to as the Substance Use Evaluation. The new form appears to be identical to the old form, with the exception of the title change.

As in the past, additional evidence must be submitted such as:

  1. Signed, dated and notarized letters documenting sobriety.
  2. Evidence of support such as Alcoholics Anonymous sign-in sheets and/or a sponsor letter documenting involvement with a structured support group.
  3. A 10 panel urinalysis drug screen including at least two integrity variables such as specific gravity, urine creatinine or pH level.
  4. An ignition interlock annual report for those who have a restricted drivers license and are seeking full driving privileges. This report must be no more than 30 days old when it is submitted.
  5. Any additional evidence that may be useful in documenting that any substance problem is under control and will remain controlled.  Consult a Michigan drivers license attorney for advice on submitting additional evidence.


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