This blog lists the basic items that should be presented for a Michigan drivers license restoration hearing for current Michigan residents with revoked licenses.

For drivers license restoration Michigan, you should submit the following:

1. Request for administrative review or hearing available from the Michigan Secretary of State.
2. Substance use disorders evaluation available from the Michigan Secretary of State.
3. 10 panel drug screen with two integrity variables.
4. Evidence of support such as Alcoholics Anonymous sign-in sheets, letters or other evidence documenting that you are attending a structured support group.
5. If you have a sponsor in Alcoholics Anonymous or other structured support group, submit a notarized letter from him or her.
6. Records from any kind of alcohol/drug education or treatment programs.
7. Notarized letters documenting sobriety from 3 to 6 individuals.

Every case is different, and what is submitted in one Michigan license restoration case may be different from another. Michigan license restoration attorneys can advise what evidence to submit, given the specifics of your situation. Because of this, I would urge you to consult with a Michigan license restoration lawyer before filing your case.

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