If your license is revoked in Michigan and you need an out of state license appeal, such as if you have since moved to another state, you may have many questions. “How can I get my license back in Michigan?” “Will I ever be eligible to get a license in my new state?” “Do I need to contact a MI DUI License Attorney to help me?” “Is it even worth it to try and renew my license?” 

Individuals who have found themselves in this situation may benefit from knowing a few basic facts about DUI and out of state license appeals in Michigan

How Can I Get My License Back in Michigan?

To start with, one of the first steps is to contact a MI DUI License Attorney who can help you, as the process can be very technical and complex. A qualified, experienced MI DUI License Attorney would know all the ins and outs of how to get your driving license back in Michigan, which will involve attending one or two hearings. 

Several steps may need to be taken before, during, and after the hearing, including:

  • Showing that you are or have attended applicable classes or meetings, such as through Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Explaining to the hearing officer that you need your driver’s license back in order to obtain and maintain employment
  • Proving that you are making sincere efforts to be a more responsible driver
  • Providing documentation with necessary technical details, which is where a MI DUI License Attorney can make a big impact in the success of your case 
  • Assuring the hearing officer that you have been sober for at least six months or one year, preferably more than a year

If you still live in Michigan, you will need to try to get your license reinstated. In order to do so, you will have to attend two hearings. At the first, you may be able to obtain a restricted license, and you may have to use an interlock device in your vehicle for one year afterward in order to prove that you are not drunken driving. The second hearing would be held a year later, during which you may be able to get your full driver’s license back.

If you live out of the state, you will need a license “clearance” before you can apply for a driver’s license in the new state.


What are the Challenges Involved in an Out of State License Appeal?

If your license is revoked for multiple drunken driving convictions, you may find yourself unable to obtain a license in your new state because of what is known as a “hold” on your driving record in Michigan. Getting your driver’s license back is always a challenge, but having to deal with multiple jurisdictions adds another obstacle. 

However, with a skilled Michigan MI DUI License Attorney available to help you and by showing a sincere effort to improve your driving record, you may be able to get your license cleared in Michigan. This is referred to as “clearing a hold” or “obtaining a clearance” from this state. You would obtain this clearance from the Michigan Secretary of State’s Administrative Hearing Section.

As a side note, even if you have never lived in Michigan but received multiple DUIs in Michigan, the Michigan Secretary of State can still forbid you from driving in this state. Therefore, you will have to obtain a clearance in order to renew or obtain a driver’s license in your home state.


What Evidence Will I Need to Submit Prior to the Hearing?

In order to get your license back in Michigan, submitting proper documentation for your out of state license appeal and evidence is crucial. This evidence that must be submitted includes:

  • A 10-panel drug screen and substance use evaluation
  • Three to six letters of recommendation that document your sobriety, character, and driving ethics
  • A request for hearing form, which is eight pages long and contains various details about your history as it relates to your driver’s license reinstatement efforts
  • A report about the use of your interlock device if it was required
  • Documentation about treatment or counseling
  • Proof of residence if you live out of the state

Do I Have to Attend the Driver’s License Reinstatement Hearing?

Attendance at the hearing is mandatory for current Michigan residents and may be required for former residents who are trying to get their clearances. 

If you live out of the state, you may be able to submit documents for your administrative review by mail. If they are approved, you may not have to attend the hearing. If the clearance is not approved, you can request a hearing.

During the hearing, the officer will review evidence, and you may be able to have witnesses testify about your current sobriety, driving record, or other factors that may help your case. 

You should take the hearing seriously. If you do not win, you will have to wait an entire year before you can try again, so it’s extremely important that you consider working with a MI DUI License Attorney who can help you get it right the first time.

Contact me if you need more information about how to get your driving license back in Michigan. I’m here to help.

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