Should you represent yourself in a MI DUI license restoration case? If you receive two or more DUIs in the state of Michigan, you’ll likely have your driving rights revoked. Unlike a suspension or other penalties that are often associated with DUI cases, a revoked license doesn’t go away after a set period of time. The penalty is permanent unless you file for a driver’s license reinstatement hearing with the state. 

Michigan driver’s license restoration cases are presented to the Secretary of State.  As with other court cases, you have the option to either represent yourself or hire an attorney to guide you and present your case. Some people may opt to try their luck on their own as a way to save money or simplify the process. However, this isn’t usually a great recipe for success.

These cases require a lot of time, energy, and knowledge. While hiring a license restoration lawyer does add an extra initial expense to your case, lawyers can make the license restoration process after a DUI much easier while also giving you a better chance of winning back your driving rights. Here’s what you need to know as you make this important decision. 

Experience (Or Lack of It) Can Make or Break Your Case

Navigating the ins and outs of any legal proceedings can be tough. There’s paperwork to fill out, evidence to gather, and testimony to prepare for. You also need to understand the key points to focus on that will help your case and give you the best possible chance of a successful outcome. Without court experience or knowledge about your specific type of case, it can be easy to overlook certain details that are important to your case or focus on things the court isn’t especially concerned about. 

With a driver’s license restoration case specifically, there are certain forms and types of evidence that are required in order for the state to even consider restoring your driving rights. This list includes things like a request for hearing form, a substance use evaluation, and letters from members of your community who are familiar with your sobriety journey. There are also certain types of evidence that aren’t specifically required but may be beneficial to your specific case. These can include things like a note from your AA sponsor, support group attendance logs, and proof of participation in a 12-step program. Each case is different, so it’s beneficial to have someone on your side who knows the exact requirements inside and out and can guide you to include the additional items that may be beneficial for your specific situation. 

If you don’t have experience with this type of case on your side, you’re more likely to miss one of these essential or beneficial items when constructing your case. If you overlook even one of the required items or if you just do the bare minimum and leave out extra evidence that could have helped your case, your chances of a positive outcome aren’t going to be as high. You might end up wasting valuable time and resources trying and re-trying your luck. However, someone with experience can help you build a solid and well rounded case. And if you simply don’t have enough evidence to support your claims of sobriety yet, they can explain what you need to do before you even file for a hearing, thus improving your chances. 

Your Chances Are Probably Higher With Pro Help From a Michigan DUI License Restoration Attorney

It is a good idea to find a lawyer who does a lot of drivers license reinstatement work.

When you work with a driver’s license restoration lawyer who has experience with this type of case, you’re more likely to end up with your desired outcome at the end of the process.

Driver’s license restoration cases can be unique to navigate, since they’re much different than traditional court cases. In fact, they’re usually not even set in a traditional courtroom. Instead, you present your case in front of the Michigan Secretary of State. Additionally, the case isn’t really intended to go over the details of your previous DUI arrests. It’s more about presenting evidence that supports your current sobriety and your ability to stay sober and safe on the road going forward. 

So even if you’ve been to court for your actual DUI cases or other issues, a driver’s license reinstatement case is different. 

You Can Benefit From a DUI License Reinstatement Lawyer With a Track Record of Success

It’s important to do some research and find someone with an actual track record of successful cases. 

An experienced attorney who handles a lot of driver’s license restoration should have a fair amount of similar cases to look back on. Even though every case is different, your chances of a positive outcome probably go up if you work with an attorney that has been successful in this area more often than not. Make sure you always look up or ask how many license cases a lawyer handles and what percentage of those cases are won.  Also, find out if the attorney will handle your case again and not charge you if, for some reason, your initial hearing is unsuccessful. A lawyer that stands behind what he or she does is important.