This blog lists the basic items that should be presented for a Michigan drivers license restoration hearing if you are a current Michigan resident with a restricted drivers license.

For Michigan license restoration, you should submit the following:

  1. All items listed in the previous blog, “Steps to License Restoration in Michigan – Part 1.” In short, for drivers license restoration Michigan you will need a request for administrative review, substance evaluation, drug screen, evidence of AA support (if any), treatment records and letters documenting sobriety.
  2. Michigan license restoration attorneys know that most individuals with a restricted license either have or have had an alcohol detector known as an interlock device installed in their car. You must also submit an annual/final report from the interlock company which documents your usage of the device and whether or not there were any issues such as violations.
  3. If you are seeking a full drivers license by way of an administrative appeal, you will also need to submit a two page affidavit which is available from the Secretary of State.

I would urge you to consult with a Michigan license restoration lawyer to determine exactly what should be submitted given your individual situation. Many times, additional documentation can be submitted which can be very helpful when seeking to restore your driving privileges.

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