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Getting a license back after a third DUI is challenging, no doubt about it. But it is possible. In fact, I’ve helped many clients do just that, ultimately helping to improve their quality of life.

Consider this case study as an example.

The Back Story

The client’s license had been revoked after three drunken driving convictions. Although that was challenging enough, it was complicated by the fact that he had since moved to another state. Because Michigan had a hold on his license, he could not obtain a driver’s license in his new state of residence until he got it cleared here.

What We Did

In order to get his license cleared in Michigan, he had to go through the entire license restoration process, proving that:

  • he had been sober for at least six months
  • he would refrain from drinking and driving in the future
  • his drinking problem was under control in general
  • he was committed to driving safely 

Many actions were taken prior to and during the hearing, including presenting seven letters of support from individuals who knew him well. Among other facts, we also presented:

  • A favorable substance abuse evaluation that showed his alcohol dependence was in remission
  • A negative drug screen
  • Proof that he had completed sobriety treatment

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My client also testified about his own sobriety, helping to assure the board that he would remain sober, would no longer drink and drive, and would make more positive choices in the future.

The Results

With his testimony and the documents we presented, I successfully convinced the hearing officer to clear his license in Michigan. This was the first step in allowing him to obtain a license in his new home state.

The Reaction

The client said that going through the process was daunting, but that my extensive knowledge of the procedure made him confident that he made the right choice in legal representation.

“I appreciated you taking the time to review my case step by step, getting to know me, and staying in constant contact with me throughout the entire process. I truly believe your professionalism and preparedness were the difference makers in this successful outcome,” he said in a letter.

This is only one of many examples of successful license restoration cases I have handled. It just happens to be one of the most memorable due to the fact that not only did he have three DUIs but also resided in a different state. Both of these issues make license restoration cases more complicated, but with the right documentation and testimonies, getting a license back is possible.

If your license has been revoked or suspended, don’t be afraid to try to get it back. Your dedication to your sobriety and to being a safe driver will go a long way in helping you get your quality of life back on track.

Contact me for more information or a free consultation. Even if your case looks dire, it might not be as bad as you think.

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